GeoJS 2022 Update

Another year done for GeoJS. Traffic was all over the shop this year with a gradual incline as the year went but nowhere near the all time high of January last year.

Seven months saw a traffic increase last year unlike 2021 which only saw six. In reality traffic levels don’t matter anymore and I’m just happy the service is still being used.

Month Requests Growth
January 2,894,213,509 -4.034%
February 2,975,476,448 2.81%
March 3,241,584,110 8.94%
April 2,881,246,142 -11.12%
May 2,796,777,048 -2.93%
June 3,671,078,213 31.26%
July 3,278,299,176 -10.70%
August 3,349,973,503 2.18%
September 3,689,935,033 10.15%
October 4,750,964,013 28.75%
November 4,185,699,502 -11.9%
December 4,583,702,347 9.5%

2022 did contain one new record with the 20th of October serving a record breaking 213,182,557 requests totalling 258 GB of traffic. The previous single day record was held by the 27th January 2021 which “only” served a measly 186,437,278 requests.

Over 2022 GeoJS served 53TB worth of traffic to users with Cloudflare serving 9TB of those directly from cache. As always I want to thank Cloudflare once again for providing the bandwidth they do. This beats last year by a whole 3TB of data.

In 2022 I released a new web app at based on SvelteKit running on Netlify. It was a really fun project to execute and overall I think it greatly improves what was there previously.

2023 will involve some infrastructure changes as I want to simplify the overall architecture of the platform along with reducing costs. It currently costs ~$100 USD per month to run with majority of that going to Route53 bills. In order to ensure the continuation of the platform changes must be made.

If you or your company uses GeoJS please consider sponsoring the project on GitHub Sponsors today. Help make the platform sustainable.