An ode to RSS

Shamelessly stolen Inspired by Jim Nielson’s post I thought I’d replace my blogroll with a more curated list of feeds I enjoy. Less “big list of links” more “here’s a list I think you might enjoy”.

Personal sites

I follow a fair few personal blogs about technology and other aspects of life. This list is a few of my handpicked favourites in no order at all.


I currently only follow Maker Stations that falls into this category. Maker Stations posts beautiful workstations from all over the web interviewing people about their workspace.

You can find the feed for it here .


  • Boat Hackers
    • Boat Hackers is all about automating, hacking and other adventures that come with living on a boat. This site does deep dives automating their home on the water.
  • Sandbox by Facepunch
    • I played my fair share of Garry’s Mod back in the day and now the Facepunch team is documenting their journey to creating a worthy sequel. A lot of posts on game design, UI/UX, modelling and like the personal blogs above they do a monthly “here’s what we got done” retrospective.