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GeoJS is a highly available REST/JSON/JSONP GeoIP API created by yours truly

GeoJS logging update
Historically GeoJS has kept raw access logs on the backend servers which contained information such as the requests IP address and referrer. These logs have never been sold or used for marketing purposes,…
GeoJS 2019 wrap up
In the midst of a world wide pandemic I’m finally getting around to doing the 2019 report for GeoJS. It was a pretty quiet year with no major updates or backend changes apart…
GeoJS added to EasyList
I’m sad to say that EasyList added GeoJS to its privacy block list in commit 52fb8d4 as part of pull request #4044. For those that don’t know EasyList maintain several sets of block…
GeoJS gets a 2018 overhaul
2018 was a massive year for GeoJS. The API has grown from getting just 28,000 hits a day to 13,000,00+. Thats over a 400% increase in 12 months! In October alone GeoJS served…
GeoJS goes open-source
I always planned on open-sourcing GeoJS but at the start the code was extremely rough. I wanted to clean it up before actually publishing it. That time has now come! I’ve been working…
GeoJS: Multiple IPs & ChatOps
In April this year I launched GeoJS, my geolocation lookup API. In just six months it has managed to get 100k+ hits a week, not bad for something I’ve never advertised. Today I’m…
Launch of GeoJS
I am proud to announce the launch of my new project GeoJS! GeoJS is a highly available REST/JSON/JSONP IP/Geolocation lookup API. It enables websites and platforms the ability to request information about their…